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Xangô / Sango, the lord of fire, lightning and justice

Xangô / Sango, one of the main orishas of the afro-brazilian and yoruba religions. I wanted to show him using more details that connected him to his origins, to Africa.

According to my research (mostly based on brazilian religions), he is a deity of justice, fire, ligthning and stone. From the stories I have read and worshipping methods, he was a prince and warrior, with a reckless temperament. Usually worshipped with the colors white, red and brown, he is also depicted in the religions shirtless and with dreads. I also wanted to show him with his thunder stone pouch and wood object that controls rain.

Based on all of it I tried to put some elements that showed fire and lighting and also justice and balance (such as the diamond shape in the body paint). The double-bitted axe, called oxé, was based on real designs of it that are used for worship, as well as yoruba wood sculptures.

I did this character for "Spirit Wars", a comics series by Vortex Comics from Nigeria.

Mikael quites xango final

Final image

Mikael quites xango mof2

Image research and books I used to learn more about the deity

Mikael quites xango concepts1

First batch of concepts. Trying to find the right balance between prince/fire and thunder deity/warrior

Mikael quites xango concepts2

Second batch of concepts. Further exploration of ornaments and headdresses, this time using a bit more the axe and lightning motifs.

Mikael quites xango concepts3

Final design and axe shape exploration

Mikael quites xango mof4

3ds Max viewports, showing some shaders and lighting setup

Mikael quites xango oxe

Final design of oxé