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Conscious Mind - Worker Enemy

I am free to show some concepts I did for the upcoming "Conscious Mind" horror game from Moonville Entertainment.

Here is the process behind the concept of one of the enemies, the worker. It had to look like a human factory worker from behind but with a twisted face in the front. 

Mikael quites worker final all

Final approved concept

Mikael quites worker1

First I started with the face, going wild with the designs. The client liked numbers 2, 4 and 6

Mikael quites worker2

Based on the previous ones the client liked, I did more versions. Number 7 was approved

Mikael quites worker3

I then went for the body and clothes, trying some variation

Mikael quites worker4

The client liked the overalls and vests, so I did more versions

Mikael quites worker5

Deciding on the overalls, I did more iterations. The final chosen one is number 11