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Brazilian Bestiary - Saci

I decided to do this image to celebrate the Folklore Day here in Brazil (Dia do Folclore), which happens 22/08.
I chose the popular Saci character and put a bit of twist to it.

The Saci, or Saci-Pererê, is said to be some kind of one-legged trickster and malevolent spirit represented by a black boy with a magical red cap.

The Saci is often times depicted with a pipe, since he is very fond of tobacco, which you can use to bargain things with it.
He is said to trick people into many bad situations, stealing things, making confusions sometimes harmful and fatal.

Saci is also the name of a bird said by some indigenous people to be magical. The Saci (Tapera naevia) is said to inhabit ruins and sings incessantly a melancholic tune, but is never found. Some said it houses dead spirits. It is also said the bird rests with one leg.

So for my design I decided to make a bit of a mixture between the boy and the bird, hence the feathers and scales.

Mikael quites bb saci novo

Final image

Thumbnail creation

Mikael quites bb saci03

The next step is to fill base colors and volumes

Mikael quites bb saci04

I decided to keep only these four and further refine their designs