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Grey Days - Ortan Guard Light Armor

Here is a concept of an Ortan Guard wearing light armor for my personal "Grey Days" rpg project.

The Ortans are a race of tall humanoids (average of 7.5 feet tall) that have enslaved the human race two centuries ago.
They have developed a better use of gunpowder and come from a tribal background that worshipped the use of blood, but have been progressing technologically throughout their story.

I did quite a lot of research to make this race and design, going through Aztec, Maya and Peruvian civilizations, as well as Egyptians.

Here you can also see my evolution throughout the years.

Mikael quites gd ortan new portifas2

The final design

Mikael quites gd ortan throughout years

Design throughout the years

Mikael quites gd ortan marmor

2015 version

Mikael quites gd ortan new all

Color and design iteration