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Grey Days - Beasts

Creature designs for an RPG scenario I created called "Grey Days".

The Bonko is a wild boar native to the northern lands. Measuring about two meters, it is one of the first species domesticated by the Ortan, used to track prey when hunting and as guards and trackers of fugitives.

The Dris is a huge warm-blooded reptile, measuring some 12 meters when adult. He lives in slow-moving packs along prairies and open fields, grazing and eating an occasional bush. Its thick skin protects it from most predators. When really threatened, it is capable of producing a powerful sonic attack with the cavity in its head, knocking down even whole caravans.

The Lomak is a warm-blooded carnivorous reptile adapted to a wide range of habitats, from forests to marshes. With about four meters, it is also domesticated by the Ortan. While usually slow-moving, it is capable of pouncing and rending with its strong jaws and powerful claws. Used as mount and patrol.

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