Orixás - Oxalá

Mikael quites orixas oxala final
The main, more realistic version
Mikael quites oxala02
An alternative version, trying a cartoon style
Mikael quites oxala03
Another quick alternative version, going for more details in the dress and beads
Mikael quites orixas oxala sketches1
I first start with pencil sketches, exploring different ideas
Mikael quites orixas oxala makingof max
Then I went to 3ds Max to quickly model the character to help with 2D
Mikael quites orixas oxala makingof02
The beauty pass + ambient occlusion
Mikael quites orixas oxala sketches2
I decided to go back to pencil drawings to help with the pose and overall design. This is how I came up with the crown
Mikael quites orixas oxala wip15
Starting to integrate things and doing a paintover
Mikael quites orixas oxala ornamentostodos
The ornaments I did for the main design. Some I didn't end up using

This is my take on Oxalá / Oxalufã / Obatalá, one of the main deities of the Candomblé and Umbanda brazilian religions.

I have always been fascinated by the intricacies of the great Orixá pantheon, with so many unique characters.
I decided to start studying and getting deeper into the legends, beliefs and rich stories to portray each Orixá / Orisha.

Oxalá / Obatalá is one of the oldest and most powerful orixás, being responsible for the birth of human beings and the creation of the world. Its color is white and it carries a wooden scepter called opaxorô, which it can use to divide the world in two, if needed.

I went for a more african design, since the original beliefs came from the yoruba people of Africa. The crown is based on the nigerian yoruba crown, or ade / adenla. I decided to make the beads longer to represent power and mystery.